Schedule a Transfer - OCCU

Your existing scheduled transfers would need to be set up again in the new system. Here's how you can set up your scheduled transfers.

After clicking on the Transfers menu button, click on "To or From My accounts" to set up schedules between accounts within the CU.

Fill the transfer information: the source, destination, amount, and the start date when you want the schedule to begin transferring funds.

Check the box against the "Repeat" option to select the frequency and when the schedule ends.

Click on this button to proceed.

Review the schedule summary. Click on "Confirm" if everything looks fine or on "Cancel " to edit the schedule details.

You will receive a confirmation message that the scheduled transfers have been set up successfully.

To check on the status of your schedules or to edit or end them, head over to "Scheduled Transfers" under the "Transfers" menu option.

Click on this option to view or edit your scheduled transfers between accounts within the CU.

Here you can view summary information and review the status of your scheduled transfers.

For more information about the past and upcoming transfers under this schedule, click on this arrow button.

Here you can view the status of completed, failed and canceled transfers (if any) under this schedule.

You can also terminate or edit the schedule from here. Thank you!